Time to write and share

I’ve had this idea since… it’s hard to say since when.

When I first got a job in teaching in 2013, I started writing a blog about tricks in teaching, thoughts on the Russian education system, and some extra topics like politics and time management. I used the “blogger” platform, which was made by Google. The blog is in Russian though.

17 posts, 3000 views, well, for 2013 it was quite a success. Even earlier, in 2009, when I was finishing my high school education, I started writing a novel. It is still not finished and I have no clue when it will be. In 2011 I started writing another book with short stories about my life, thoughts and memories. I’ve worked in the university’s newspaper,then started my own, and then created a students’ press center. To sum up, writing and sharing has been a part of me for a long time. I decided to brush off the dust and revive this part.

However, without your help, dear readers, friends, students, colleagues, it will not be possible. I want you to participate in this and suggest interesting for your topics in the comments. It can be anything with some exceptions, which are not appropriate. You can ask a simple question, or you can ask something that requires a detailed description (how to cook Russian pancakes, for example :D).

If I don’t see any comments in a week, then I’ll write 1 post a week about a random topic. My favorites are teaching, education, cultural differences and peculiarities, travelling, politics, health and fitness (sports), and cooking.

I hope my initiative will be noticed and will be supported.

Thank you in advance