He said with pride how cleverly they closed their tasks about organization of life of other children

Some time ago in our company there was a problem — a promotion in social networks happened very slowly. As we were a small team, everyone has been always busy with something. Therefore at first sight it seemed that our team doesn’t have enough time to write a next post in our blog, to do a new note for twitter, to invite friends on Facebook or to add a new photo in Instagram. At the same time we had no money that we could hire a copywriter (even the freelancer) who would be responsible for this direction.

At first we tried to use Trello. We achieved some success. But we had to work hard for improving of our mobile application, creating of user guides, processing of the current orders, negotiations with our B2B partners — it seemed that all these actions filled working days (and not only) of each of us. However we had to make something. We understood that social networks are an unique opportunity for our project to get new clients, to improve the relations with our current users, to meet new partners, mentors and investors.

The decision has come unexpectedly. In one weekends my little nephew visited me, and he has told that in children’s camp where he had a rest recently, their group has won the prize “The Best Group on Duty”. He said with pride how cleverly they closed their tasks about organization of life of other children during their duty day. And how he felt a great responsibility that this day they prepared the leisure for all other kids.

Person on duty! Excellently! And what if we will appoint every day the person on duty for our social networks and our blog? We have discussed this idea at the first next working planning meeting, have created KPI and appointed the first person on duty. It worked! Each of us felt a personal responsibility for his day now. We tried to think out new posts for blog, looked for new plots for photos, invited new friends in our groups. And the most surprising — each of us has successfully appeared time to do it.

  1. Every day choose the person on duty for social networks, which you use, and every week 1–2 persons on duty for your blog.
  2. Define the minimum KPI for the person on duty. For example, to publish 1 photo of day, to make 1 repost and to write 1 news from life of the company. For the blog it can be 1–2 articles in a week on certain days.
  3. Fix metrics of each person on duty, analyze it and scale the best ideas.
  4. Regularly award the best month on duty (for example, the special badge, medal or challenge cup)

I wish you success in promoting of your ideas.