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3 August 2016 — on the website Catchy Scoop was presented an article regarding Coolsculpting. Coolsculpting is the non-surgical procedure performed for the correction and elimination of fat cells using cold. Its effectiveness is proven by medical studies. Under the influence of low-temperature cells are killed and the fat dissolves. Coolsculpting or other called cryolipolysis does not damage the skin, muscles and internal organs. This procedure is performed in the areas, such as face, belly, butt, waist, back, knees.

Indications for coolsculpting include alimentary and constitutive obesity. This type of obesity is common among people who lead a sedentary lifestyle. They do not like to play sports, or they do not have time for it, love to eat, especially high-calorie fast foods and desserts. From such a way of life they are constantly gaining weight. Also it can be done for people who have obesity by hypothalamic type. In case of damage of the hypothalamus some patients have disrupted nerve center, which is responsible for feeding behavior. These people eat more than they need and the extra calories are deposited in the subcutaneous fat. People who have obesity as a symptom of endocrinological diseases can also use coolsculpting. Since they have modified metabolism, even when consuming low-calorie foods, they still gain weight.

Coolsculpting is a painless procedure and it is performed on an outpatient basis. There can be identified several stages of the procedure. Before the procedure, the doctor must examine the patient and determine the presence or absence of contraindications to cryolipolysis. If everything is all right, then the expert will take a photo of initial state of the problem area, as well as will determine the size, thickness and direction of the fat folds. Then the doctor will tell the patient how will be the procedure performed and what will be the effect of it. If you wish to remove a greater number of fat cells, the doctor will choose the large size of the applicator, if on the contrary, you want to just try out the wonderful procedure, the regular applicator will be used. On the problem area is applied a special bandage with thermal gel. With the help of special substance propylene glycol, gel penetrates the skin and moisturizes it. Bandage in this case acts as a uniform heat sink. It also protects the skin, preventing it from burns and other injuries. Using applicator doctor will turn on the vacuum, which will suck the desired area of skin and then cools it. During the procedure the doctor continuously monitors the density of contact with the skin and the temperature of the patient’s body. During coolsculpting specialist will apply a negative pressure on the treatment zone, and you will feel the cold in the first 7–10 minutes, while the entire procedure takes about an hour.

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