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To begin with, I decided to speculate on the topic of property. After all, in fact, the whole essence of our life in capitalism boils down to the accumulation of a large number of money and property for the further transfer of the accumulated by inheritance, and so on, increasingly dividing people according to classes and possibilities.

Let’s think now what exactly is necessary for us in the property. In fact, the ownership of any property is reduced to using the properties of this property. That is, I do not really need a coffee machine, I need a delicious coffee…

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Elementh is now expanding frontiers of its usability, empowering users to employ the offered tokens in numerous applications. Elementh has joined the Bancor Network, making operations with its tokens more flexible and expedient. At the same time, the tokens themselves become more convertible and can bring more advantages for their holders.

Integration into the Bancor Network will provide continuous liquidity for the Elementh tokens, giving TGE participants an option to easily convert their EEE to ETH, BNT, or other tokens, following the TGE.

Bancor’s conversion scheme is based on an innovative connector method, allowing tokens to be interconnected through automatically…

From everywhere we hear about bitcoin and crypto currencies. But not so many people get involved in the technology backing these concepts. In the meantime, the blockchain technology opens fantastic possibilities for fundamental changes in entire markets, industries, organizational and legal structures, etc. Now very many projects coming up to an ICO are trying by any means to fasten the blockchain technology to their products as it increases contributions. The problem is that many of them try to think according to old paradigms. But all repeat over and over again: we must work on projects which can not be implemented…

We’re very glad to introduce you all Elementh activities, that are available till the end of ICO. As you remember Elementh ICO starts at April 01 00:00 UTC and continues till May 01 00:00 UTC.

During the ICO preparation we have started few activities, that we want to announce here.

First of all you should register at to get into your account. You need to verify your email during registration! After that you’ll log in and have an opportunity to change any information:

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you can join Elementh referral program. …

I've just returned from Almaty, where I was a speaker at Cryptoconf. It was interesting conference, because Kazahstan is a little bit isolated market and it was interesting to speak with people, who tried to start ICOs by themselves.

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My pitch was about ICO trends in 2018. I see that lots of people still trying to make ICO the same way as in 2017, but it doesn't work anymore! The main trends as I see:

  • lots of projects at the ICO market
  • investors pools will dominate
  • private pre-sales will bring up to 75% of hard cap, and only 25% at…

Dear friends,

we’re glad to announce, that our pre-ICO round was successfully finished. We’ve collected 910 ETH. We really appreciate your support!

Our main goal is to make ICO as soon as possible. Right now we’re discussing potential investments with 2 cryptofunds from Israel and Luxembourg. We need anchor investors. We also plan roadshow at China and Korea in March. We need to get big contributions in the first 2 days of ICO, that’s why we’ve decided to move dates of our ICO round. Ico will start at 01 April 00:00 UTC and will continue till 1 May 00:00 UTC…

Right now I’m writing these lines from Singapore airport, waiting for my plane to go home to St. Petersburg.

4 days in Singapore were so fast. Forum, roadshow, a quick tour of the city’s sights a few after-parties on the roofs of local skyscrapers…. Everything merges into one quick short-term adventure, as if I flew here only yesterday.

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Going to this trip, I did not know what to expect, because it was my first experience visiting the International Blockchain Conference. The first evening on arrival in the city, I was on the roof of the Fullerton Bay Hotel in the…

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We’re happy to introduce our new Marketing advisor: Proorocu Aurel George! He will help us with international marketing.

Aurel was in 2016 one of Financial Times “100 Faces of Innovation” due to his contribution to the development of the Internet market in Romania. He has over 14 years experience in the IT and Digital marketing field, working for Companies like Google Enterprise, Orange and Keyence. Aurel is also the youngest graduate of the Executive MBA program of Telecom Ecole de Management Paris (Institut Mines Telecom).

We’re happy to announce that Naveen Yannam joined our team as advisor!

Naveen is a Certified Hybris 5 Core and Commerce Developer. He has extensive experience in using various frameworks and libraries to implement enterprise class applications. He’s also a keen proponent of Agile methodologies and has successfully exercised agile techniques into the projects which he was involved. Naveen feels comfortable in working as a Hybris Technical Lead, ideally in a project team developing large scale ecommerce systems with practising Continuous Integration and Delivery methodologies.

Naveen will help our team with SAP Hybris integration consulting. It’s a strategic partnership to go to international market.

Sergey Ryabov

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