Cryptoconf Almaty

I've just returned from Almaty, where I was a speaker at Cryptoconf. It was interesting conference, because Kazahstan is a little bit isolated market and it was interesting to speak with people, who tried to start ICOs by themselves.

My pitch was about ICO trends in 2018. I see that lots of people still trying to make ICO the same way as in 2017, but it doesn't work anymore! The main trends as I see:

  • lots of projects at the ICO market
  • investors pools will dominate
  • private pre-sales will bring up to 75% of hard cap, and only 25% at public ICO
  • Airdrops will be used to increase users number
  • KYC should be provided for all steps of ICO
  • most pool investments will go through different platforms, designed especially for pools.

So looking at these trends you can choose your own strategy to start ICO in 2018.