I’m 32 and spent $200k on biohacking. Became calmer, thinner, extroverted, healthier & happier.
Serge Faguet

Hi, thanks for the insightful article, I have a couple questions.

  1. I guess it was going to be in a follow-up post; can you share the doses for the “safe and probably helpful” supplements you take, esp. e.g. creatine and magnesium? Did you experiment to arrive at the doses for each supplement or just take the one recommended by papers or your team?
  2. What is the background for preferring organic? I don’t want to argue about this, just hear out what your sources/reasoning was. I did my own research (of published literature and also organizations involved) some time ago and came to a conclusion that it probably has no benefits and also to an extremely negative opinion of organic industry. I can understand price+hacks argument for smth like a $1 burger but, especially coming from a tech background, you can observe that often stuff is more expensive because of marketing/differential pricing, inefficiencies, and/or legacy tech; all 3 are explicitly involved here. So I was wondering if you have some other source/papers/analysis that you have used to come to the opposite conclusion.
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