The fastest possible speed reading method

There are many methods of speed reading. Every productivity trainer has his own. But there is one which is the best. It’s quite simple and it’s perfect for lazy ones like me, you and all other people living on the Earth. But it has one limit. It’s for books only. Let me show it in action.

For example, you want to read a book. Let it be “Lean Startup” by Eric Ries. The best speed reading algorithm has only two steps:

  • Don’t read it
  • Find the brief article from the man who has read this book and read it

That’s all. It’s easy, isn’t it?

Nowadays, the total amount of information is so big we can’t spend much time to read books. A book is something like a compact disk in USB drive era. It has too small information density. A long time ago brief but well understandable articles and tutorials, summary services like Blinkist and interactive courses like Udemy became more popular for learning than books. Because many people work hard on compressing knowledge in these tiny but very high dense and valuable pieces of information.

In our twitter world book’s time has passed. It’s not bad. It’s fine. It’s just one more step to the singularity.