After X years in software engineering and Y frameworks learned you might feel ready to explore some new horizons of your career. In this post I’m sharing my views on how engineering management is different from software engineering, and what does success look like.

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Almost two years ago I transferred to the Engineering Manager (EM) role full time, leaving behind Android Software engineering and the tech lead adventures. This has been a great experience so far, and there are lots of learnings to share. So what do EM responsibilities look like?

You don’t code anymore

Yes, you can ask your manager if you can…

Why one-on-one is important; what it gives to you and your meeting partner; how it helps to accelerate your career and ship amazing products.

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If you are a Tech Lead or an Engineering Manager, you’ve probably noticed that one of the biggest bottlenecks in every organization is communication. People are just not aware of what’s going on beyond the next door, if their career is going well, and how they can do better. This results in false assumptions, time spent on doing not the right things, and so on.

One-on-one meetings help you to learn more about your colleagues and…

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New Year — New Look

We are excited to announce a fresh new look for ProAndroidDev!

Our new design goal was to better match how we look to our values and the readers we serve! As always, we’re more than happy to listen to your feedback and welcome your input.

This edition of our digest features animations, autotest frameworks, mistakes that can break your app, Android Lint, and Kotlin!

Complex UI/Animations on Android

Nikhil Panju shows how to create animations for toolbars, RecyclerView items, tabs scrolling, and much more without using MotionLayout.

Kaspresso: The autotest framework that you have been looking forward to

Eugene Matsyuk on how Kaspresso library can help you with all our…

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This post will help engineers get the best results out of their work with managers, and achieve career goals in a predictable way.

After many years of being an individual contributor and Tech Lead, I decided to transition to the Engineering Manager role. My main expertise is in mobile app development, but notes below are relevant for any software engineering team.

Own your success

Please don’t wait for your manager to tell you exactly what to do and how to do it. If you’re part of the big team in the big org — your manager is not expected to have all context…

Welcome to the new issue of ProAndroidDev digest! In this issue we’re featuring unit testing, DevOps, libraries development, ViewModels, and of course Kotlin — everywhere!

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Evolution of unit tests in Android

Ivan Shafran recalls how he began with first tests, and demonstrates how things get changed with mocking libraries, Kotlin adoption, and a Spek framework. As a bonus there is a brief intro of Robolectric and some assertion frameworks.

When to load data in ViewModels

Josef Raska compared different options and listed pros and cons. He ended up recommending Lazy Map, check the article to learn why!

Dealing with Bitmaps in the Right Way

Yaroslav Berezanskyi wrote a guide on some basic rules for Bitmaps. Featuring proper sizing and…

Thank you for supporting and following ProAndroidDev! We’ve just reached 30K followers! 🥳 Excited to continue sharing with you the latest updates from the Mobile Engineering world. Find out some highlights from the last 2 weeks below.

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Hunting a bug — A True App Bundle Debugging Story

Oussama Hafferssas shares his experience debugging the App Bundle while explaining what App Bundle is and discussing various approaches they tried. The good thing is that Analyzing APKs works fine with bundle files.

Build Your Own Home Automation Hub with Android Things & Kotlin

TJ wrote about the Android powered Home Automation Hub he built. Raspberry Pi 3, RF transmitter, ZigBee protocol. Total budget is under $100. Code snippets and demo are attached.

Kotlin: Destructuring Declarations


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Welcome to the new issue of ProAndroidDev digest! Featuring Watch Faces, Exception Handling and Modularization amongst others! This issue is written by our friend Mario Sanoguera de Lorenzo.

Inverting the Dependency — Independent Features in Android Applications by Damian Burke. Do you modularize by feature, by layer or something else? In this article you can learn about feature satellites and how independent feature modules can help your team working in the same codebase. GitHub sample included!

Everything you need to know about Memory Leaks in Android by Ali Asadi. Follow up on this extensive article to learn everything about memory…

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Welcome to the new issue of ProAndroidDev digest! Featuring Retrofit Coroutines, Custom Views and Clean Architecture amongst others! This issue is brought to you by our friend Mario Sanoguera de Lorenzo.

ProAndroidDev becomes part of the droidcon Global. Our values and trajectory stay the same, and we’ll remain free and open to every Android professional. Find more details in our announcement, and check out to see how we are extending the reach of ProAndroidDev!

Suspend what you’re doing: Retrofit has now Coroutines support! by Paolo Rotolo. Retrofit 2.6.0 brings Coroutines support for suspend functions. …

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We started ProAndroidDev in April 2017 aiming to consolidate great Android Dev blog posts in one place. Time flies, and now we’re at 28K followers on Medium, 100+ authors, and 10+ media partners. We’re very proud to be trusted by experienced authors and Google Developer Experts on Android as well!

This scale is introducing several open questions:

  • Some days we’re receiving 5+ publish post requests. We need to allocate significant time to read and comment on them, and it’s not easy considering that we’re all volunteers.
  • We think it is worth rewarding the best posts and finding ways to support…

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Welcome to the new ProAndroidDev digest! This issue is brought to you by our friend Mario Sanoguera de Lorenzo.

Replace ProgressDialog with a progress button in your app by Anton Hadutski. How do you create a Progress Button from scratch? Check this article to get started so your app can show non-blocking progress as per latest Material Design Guidelines.

Android CameraX: Preview, Analyze, Capture by Husayn Hakeem. Camera Development is getting easier with the new Jetpack CameraX API. Obtain useful insights regarding the three different handlers, lifecycle binding and further links to extend your knowledge around CameraX.

Kotlin Pearls: Multiple…

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