XL Deploy revision

XL Deploy is a tool for deployments automation. I spent quite a while using it. It took a long time to setup the whole flow of the project where the tool is used. Has been a long trip!

We solved lots of issues for deployment: build manifest, configurations, build custom plugin with amount of steps, setup environments, infrastructure, run everything on-premise, we even had amount of sessions with XebiaLabs consultant.


I clearly understand that market offering such tools is quite big. There are lots of tools that are more friendly then this one, but I won’t cover the reason why we chose the XL Deploy.

I heard lots of comments about the tool that it looks like a mess & many tools can do better and so on. I don’t really agree. Lots of tools can do better, but when you have a big, heavy and difficult application, you are in any case to face some difficulties with any tool.

What do I see so far?

Lots of people don’t even try to comprehend the value this tool even on a high level, but they are ready to throw their judgements about it.

Middle-level abstraction

The high level is quite simple. There is a UI, one needs 1 hour to understand how it works from user perspective.

Middle level is a bit more complicated. It looks like this:

This picture explains how it looks like from the operation and relation perspective between different parts of the tool. It allows you to understand the deployment flow better.


I am not ready to say that XL Deploy is great, just as much as say that it’s bad either. What I can say with certainty is that we did thousands of deployments a month using it and it works!