Let’s take a look at the speculative work, its implications, consequences and why we find it inappropriate for our professional practice or for the benefit of any kind of Client.

Our small tribute to the original 1939 poster “Keep Calm And Carry On,” a call from the British government to raise the morale of citizens under the threat of invasion of World War II. Resist, fellow comrades!

Image by Bernard Hermant (Unsplash)

Case Study Club

Image by Efe Kurnaz (Unsplash)

Adobe Color CC

Diez reflexiones, consejos y recomendaciones, sin ningún orden en particular, para facilitar la relación freelance-agencia/estudio.

Sergi Muñoz Contreras

Designing (digital) things for a living since 2002 ✺ Final boss @superlatiucom ✺ Co-founder @digitals_cat ✺ Design gun for hire 🤘🏻

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