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aka API-Centric Development in Non-API Company

(Based on a talk by Konstantin Yakushev @ Nordics APIs)

The answer is 24, one to hold the light bulb and …

Okay, it’s a bad joke, but the number is right and I’ll explain it why later.

Today’s topic is how we ended up developing an API-Centric Development environment in MagicLab (the company behind the social network apps Badoo and Bumble), a Non-API Company, and especially why. Our numbers are quite impressive: we are talking about over 800 feature flags (we have a complex way to handle feature toggling in our systems) that serves several applications for a total of over 500 million users! As you can imagine, it can be difficult to handle and requires a very complex infrastructure to remain extensible and maintainable. …

Sergio Dal Bello

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