Blockchain Cocktail Party (Devcon Cancun)

Yes, this is where party is going down!

Who hasn’t dreamt about a crypto party right?

Recently I made a post about Tips and Tricks for Devcon in Cancun, and introduced the idea of an external event, have tons of people interested, so we started working. .

And of course, there is no México without a big Fiesta! that’s why we decided to throw an event for Devcon attendees to chill at the pool, take a few cervezas or tequilas, do some networking and hear out our great lineup of Speakers and Sponsors (more coming).

More to be Added.

When? It’s happening on Thursday the 2nd. also known as Día de los muertos (Mexican Halloween) (from 6pm to 2am).

Where is this happening? one of the coolest hotels in Cancun, The Temptation Resort, (4/5 on Tripadvisor with 4,000+ ratings) they even take ETH as a payment in case you want to spend the night in there. Here is a video of a previous party!

Subscribe to the invitation list at:

Drinks and lots of surprises included with the entrance Fee, you can buy the tickets Here.

If you are interested to sponsor or postulate a speaker for the party send me a message.


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