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3 Easy to Use Tools to Optimize the Way you Work From Home Today.

We all had to adapt our lives and the way we do business after COVID-19 took the world by storm. It is true that remote work was already on the rise, but the pandemic definitely took it to a whole new level,

When it comes to working remotely , I can tell you from personal experience that it all goes down to two things,

Communication and Organization, (Well, 3 things if you include working in your PJs — I know you’re guilty of this one too ;) )

WFH, without all the office distractions can be used to your advantage,

For this reason, having the proper tools in place it’s vital in order to keep the work flowing and organized.

In this post I will show you 3 easy to use tools that you can start using today so you can optimize the way you work from home.

  1. Trello.

If you feel your tasks and priorities are all over the place, it’s because they are.

Get your work flowing with Trello.

Wether you are a solopreneur or part of a team, you need to keep your tasks organized,

When it comes to Project Managements tools, Trello is a Start Ups all time favorite and it has every reason to,

It is free, agile and well- organized, find below some of its uses that can make your life easier right away,

- Boards: You can organize your tasks in a way that makes sense to you. Boards will make everything visible and you will be able to move your to do list items from pending to completed!

- Lists: To-do lists are the core to get any job done. You will manage to keep track of each task, assign them, and set up the workflow as you best see fit.

- Cards: Stop going through endless email threads trying to put the puzzle together. With Trello cards you can actually put all the info in one place, and move it along as the tasks get done.

Best part, you can even attach files to that card alone, making it easy to navigate through keeping everything in the loop.

Trello is a simple user friendly tool that will help you organize your workflow in a way that make sense to you.

Now that you have the work flowing, you’ll need to have your team flowing as well,

Check the second tool that you can start implementing today,

2. Teams.

The world went through a digital transformation after the Pandemic, millions of people started working from home and never looked back.

Microsoft has put all the pieces of the puzzle together, taking integration and collaboration to a whole new level,

As the “Modern Workspace” Teams is a great tool that will help you keep everything that you need to set up your business in one place,

Here are some of the reasons why Microsoft Teams is the way to go if you wish to step up your digital business game. Let’s go!

1. Quick comms.

Keep it casual between coworkers. If you have felt the dread of sending a whole new email when you’re just trying to get a quick message across to someone, I can say I fully understand you,

  • Opening a new thread,
  • Putting a topic
  • Writing unnecessary pleasantries
  • Writing 1 sentence.
  • Send.

Sounds like something you have to go through quite often?

Well, there is not always the need for this when you just want to tap your colleague on the shoulder,

Microsoft Meets has a chats integration that will keep things fast,

You can keep the communication simple, not only with you colleagues but also with your clients. Create group chats depending on your needs and keep relevant conversations in place.

2. Effortless video calls.

Can you hear me? Could you please turn your mic off? Can you see my screen? These are some common questions that we hear all the time when we try to set up a video conference with out team,

Video calls can be a hassle to organize when we’re not the most tech savvy person,

Microsoft Teams has made video calling a breeze,

Effortless video calls, with the “Meet now” option, will give you control over the call when it comes to mic settings and slide presentations.

Present your ideas, meet a client, share files, and so on,

Team video calls come with plenty of options for you to explore and make the most of those virtual team meetings.

Email threads.

When you open an email thread and the count of emails are in the double digits, you know this are bad news if you need to find something specific,

You need to separate email threads depending on the department or the topic related to, this will keeps things simple and easy to navigate through,

The scary thought of going through your inbox when the info is all over the place is something of the past. Organization is key, and Microsoft teams has taken care of it all.

Make Calls On the Go.

Either on your laptop, I-pad or Phone you need access to your business.

Get Microsoft Teams across your devices, it allows you to make calls, check your internal chats and set up your DND times (key)

Enjoy the Microsoft Teams benefits everywhere you go.

Now that we have talked about tools to keep our work and teams organized, check this last tool that will give you one of the most powerful and efficient technologies that will help you put everything together… the cloud!

3. Dropbox.

When you are running a business for yourself or if you’re part of a company, you will get a hold of many different files that we don’t want to lose,

Keep everyone in the loop and all your files updated in one place, get a hold of the cloud and get drop box today,

Having a cloud based file hosting when you have a team it is an absolute must,

With cloud technology you don’t have to get those bulky hard drives to store your info,

Have your files, photos, videos all in one place safe with dropbox.

You can give access only to the people you want to and you will be able to share and receive files at a snap of your fingers,

Wrap up.

The digital transformation is here to stay along with remote working, you have to take advantage of the tools out there and make the most of the virtual space,

Trello, Dropbox or Microsoft Team will help you lay the foundations down to get your business and remote work up and running, but remember,

The best tools are the ones that work best for you,

What other tools do you recommend?

Let me know in the comments below!



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