MH17: a darker truth
Mark Zee

Are you really nuts??? Have you any idea of what a NOTAM is?

I am not an airman. It took me about 15 minutes to find out that:

“A1492/14 NOTAMN
Q) UKDV/QRTCA/IV/BO /W /260/320/4822N03807E095”

  • A is a series, 1492 is a number, 14 is a year, NOTAMN is a new NOTAM, not a replacement or a cancellation;
  • UKDV is the Dnipropetrovsk FIR, as it was called at the time;
  • QRTCA means “Temporary restricted area activated”;
  • IV means both for Instrumental and Visual flight rules;
  • BO: B is a NOTAM selected for Pre-Flight Information Bulletin entry, O is a NOTAM concerning flight operations;
  • W is a navigational warning;
  • 260 is a flight level from which the NOTAM is valid (lower levels were closed by previous NOTAMs still valid at the time);
  • 320 is a flight level to which it is valid;
  • 4822N 03807E are the coordinates of the center of the restriction: 48° 22' N, 038° 07' E;
  • 095 is a mean scope of the restricted area, in nautical miles, just to have a general idea (the exact coordinates of the restricted area follow).

For the dumbest of the dumbest, positions F) and G) repeat the Flight Levels restricted by this NOTAM, the lower (FL260) and the upper (FL320) — again, the airspace below FL260 was closed by other still valid NOTAMs.

So, are you really a “Former ATC, Airline Pilot, Flight Dispatcher and airline Station Manager” who cannot understand a clearest NOTAM if me, a total outsider, could figure it out in a couple of minutes???

And, by the way, there are automated systems to read NOTAMS not airmen’s eyes, if you don’t know.