Why you did this Kevin?

Kevin Spacey without a doubt is one of the most important actors in Hollywood, making amazing movies and taking millions of people to the movies to watch his movies. His performance is so brilliant that he collects awards, altogether are: Two Oscars, an Emmy, a Tony (award dedicated for theater in USA) and a Golden Globe.

With a solid career, millions of fans and all awards mentioned above, it is normal your live is exposed and sometimes some facts by the pass are served by the media exhaustively in search of the “truth”. My intention in this text is not judging the attitudes of Kevin, after all I don’t know what is true in this case, but yes, all impact of the facts on his career and his image.

The allegations of harassment from an underage girl is a critical indict. The allegations of harassment of an underage is a critical indictment and regardless of whether it is true or not, maybe it will create grooves into his career. For example, Kevin would receive a tribute by Emmy Awards International, but after these declarations, the tribute was canceled, the Netflix series “House of cards”, one of most popular series on Netflix was also canceled, and a lot other consequence (you can see all the timeline of case on this link https://jovemnerd.com.br/nerdnews/acompanhe-linha-do-tempo-das-denuncias-contra-kevin-spacey/)

But the point that I want to discuss in this text is the announcement of his homosexuality, that unfortunately in my opinion happened in a wrong moment and in the wrong way. To announce your homosexuality in the middle of this scandal to blur the real fact was something that really didn’t work. Beyond trying to connect two facts completely distinct, this strategy just reinforces that Kevin is guilty and he wants to justify the harassment based on his homosexuality, as if all the homosexual thing in this way and one thing justified another.

I felt very offended by this comparison, my homosexuality doesn’t have any connection with promiscuity, I choose to live my life based on love and principles. Unfortunately, money and power change people and things in this environment revolves around it, but it does not give the right of to connect homosexuality with sexual disorders. I really hope that Kevin thinks about the impact that this could bring, offending a community that fights so much for its rights and this kind of thing could bring more preconception and hate for the LGBT community.