A Journey into Work through History, the Evolution of its Meaning, and how it will affect the Society of the Future.

What is the Meaning of Work? I guess many of us have been raising this question over time. I have just recently celebrated my 20th anniversary of working, yet the true meaning of work can be sometimes difficult to grasp. For sure, Work is a foundational element in the lives…

What is the role of an HR Business Partner?
What is the ideal career path to becoming one?
What is the difference between an HR Generalist and an HRBP?
How do you ensure a real partnership with the business?
What is the biggest challenge as an HRBP?

The HR Business Partner Role, a Networker by Design. Cover Photo by krakenimages on Unsplash

These are just some of the questions that I tried to address in an informal webinar organised as a part of a cycle of events that VF has organised together with the MSc in Management of Human Resources at the University of Milan, coordinated by prof. Luca Solari. …

What is the relationship between Organisation Design and Enterprise Architecture? The People and Technology dimension have been often treated separately. Yet it is critical to consider them holistically, as they define the success of an organisation.

Organisation Design is Architecture Design might be a bold title. The sentence is not mine and is a quote by Allan Kelly, a technology consultant expert in Agile. It captures a longtime belief I have consolidated over the past few years, about the innate necessity of collaboration and co-design between…

We are used to think of Strategy essentially as a Planning Process. Is this view still valid in a VUCA world? Or should we instead suggest a new and different view?

Companies that are Successful in their Strategy have developed Continuous Learning Capabilities. How? Photo by Dmitry Ratushn

Strategy is a word that can be found everywhere. In a recent post, I tried to provide an overview of the existing frameworks to define Corporate Strategy, and also have illustrated the tentative definition I tried to provide as part of the suggested Organisation Evolution Framework. As I read the…

Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War” is one of the most cited books on Strategy. But is the model he suggested still useful today? Here a suggested contemporary reading.

Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War is cited by most as one of the world’s most reputable resources on Military Strategy. In reality, there are endless contemporary thinkers that make their concepts of Business Strategy descend directly from Sun Tzu’s well-known work.

How much of the work of Sun Tzu’s…

Is Hierarchy truly a “natural form” of organisation? Or rather a cultural construct of Human Beings? Despite this discussion, Hierarchy has characterized the way humans organise for millennia.

Wether we assume it as natural form of organising or no, Hierarchy chracaterises the way Human Beings act. Photo by Edvard Al

Hierarchy seems to be the dominant form of human organisations. From the Catholic Church to States, from the Military to most private…

Sergio Caredda

Digital Knowmad | Multipotentialite | HR Leader | Transformation Agent | Future of Work thinker | On a mission to re-embed Human into HR.

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