Means and Content


Mediums are often characterized as neutral vehicles or vessels for the facilitation of ends and messages. We materialize thoughts and actions through a series of statements, but as Wittgenstein reminds us, words alone can’t help us understand what their ends are. To look at language as a vehicle of understanding and accordance we need an analysis of language that considers words’ correlated ends. It isn’t the word itself that drives us to act, but the whole system of language, often idiosyncratic and particular, that allow us to do things. Our point of analysis isn’t in words but in a…

Cliff Series by Claude Monet

Whether it’s our friends losing their jobs, trauma in the current political climate, or natural disasters affecting the lives of tens of thousands, the world often seems in need of empathy. Empathy and sympathy share the greek root pathos meaning “feeling or emotion.” The idea behind empathy isn’t limited to feeling pity for another’s circumstance, but instead to have a full understanding of that individual’s position. It is a process of “vicarious [experience],” the process of abstracting and re-positioning ourselves to understand the feelings and emotions others experience. Here is an easier way to define empathy. …

Sergio Hernandez

Political Theory at University of California, Berkeley

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