macOS is Hot Garbage

Finder is Dogshit

“Finder” is macOS’s file manager. Let’s take a look.

Files don’t Auto-Arrange

Drag-and-drop files into an empty folder makes them scroll off to the right

Informational Redundancy

I can’t explain this one.

Finder Lacks Cut-and-Paste

When Finder is Closed your Desktop Icons Disappear

Finder has two responsibilities: showing files/folders and showing desktop icons. Many DWMs work this way — including explorer.exe on most versions of Windows — but unlike other DWMs Finder can be killed completely, taking your desktop icons with it.

Pressing quit on Finder hides the desktop icons. Run Finder to see them again.
Launch Finder twice for the Finder window appears.

Search-as-you-Type Breaks Typing Conventions

To search I type some characters and then press enter. As a habit, enter or tab follows when I type something. But enter doesn’t open a file in macOS, it renames it. Yes, really! Pressing enter edits the file name. I’ll wait while non-macOS readers compose themselves.

The Window Manager is Buggy and Unpredictable

What is a Desktop Window Manager (DWM)? It does the little things around your apps: giving you a bar to click-and-drag, letting you resize at the edges, and handling the menus at the top. MacOS’s DWM — called Quartz Compositor — can be changed completely with apps like Amethyst, but most people use the default. But it’s awkward.

“Zoom” (aka Maximize) is Inconsistent

Safari and Google Chrome behave differently when the title bar is double-clicked.

Apps Remain Running (and Focused) After Being Closed

Google Chrome remains running after all windows are closed, just like all macOS apps.

Splitting Apps is Unnecessarily Annoying

At first I thought this feature didn’t exist. I eventually found it. Here’s how it works.

Window Management Hotkeys

Observant readers may have noticed “Zoom” had a hotkey in that screenshot. That’s not default. macOS lets you add hotkeys for any action and I’ve added one for zoom. You can do this via System Preferences → Keyboard → Shortcuts → clicking the “+” icon.

Clicking another window makes it take focus. Right-clicking does not take focus

Restoring a Minimized Window is Insane

Pressing command+M minimizes a window. I often hit it by accident when going for command+N. You need the mouse to get it back. Either select Window -> the window title, or right-click (control-click) the dock icon and select the window.

Missing Features and Awful Bugs

The Disappearing Mouse Issue

I thought it was hyperbole until I experienced it. My cursor just vanished without warning. It still “worked” — I could blindly click things. But I had no cursor! What would break such a fundamental feature of a modern OS?

Missing Hotkeys

On the topic of life without a mouse, let me speak to the keyboard-centric folks out there. macOS isn’t for you.

Missing Keyboard Keys

A standard keyboard includes a key which brings up the context menu. It’s equivalent to right-clicking.

The Power Button Does Nothing

The power button doesn’t put my Macbook Pro 2019 to sleep. And that’s on purpose — Apple’s documentation says the “Touch ID Sensor” (which is a button) does nothing. Oh, except clicking it 5 times opens macOS’s accessibility options. Clicking it once has no effect.

Can’t Disable the Built-in Display

macOS Will Drain your Smartphone’s Battery

Admittedly this one was my fault. Here’s what happened:

  • My partner unplugged my Macbook to charge a Nintendo Switch.
  • My phone and external display were connected, but the Macbook had been closed for hours. I assumed it was asleep.
  • It wasn’t asleep. It stayed awake and used my phone as a power source. In the morning they were both completely dead.
  • Even at 100% battery and while already charging, my Macbook defaults to stealing power from my phone - I always have to toggle the setting. With the same phone and cable other laptops charge my phone.
  • Having an external display attached prevents macOS from sleeping, even when idle or closed.

Sometimes Things just Break

Today the preferences screen didn’t work at all. It was fine after a reboot. I thought macOS didn’t have problems like this, but it does.


Maybe macOS had a hey day. Maybe many years ago when the demands were lesser and the CEO had a vision and things were good. Now in 2022 macOS is an embarrassment with loads of edge-cases and flaws. Is the grass greener elsewhere or should we accept macOS as it is?



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