Over the past two months of this summer, we have stood witness to a long-overdue reckoning about race and privilege. The COVID crisis has shown us that our “normal” wasn’t working and, after years of growing outrage and increasing national consciousness about the harsh realities of what it’s like to be Black in America — and by extension what it is to be black in the entire western world — we are now in the midst of a defining historical moment. Is what we are witnessing reaction to being quarantined for months and a display of pent up energy? …

June is a time of year where audiences are usually crowding into movie theaters to watch premieres and film festivals are usually bustling with critics, artists, and industry professionals. But this year, June has arrived eerily quietly and amidst great uncertainty for the film industry and for every citizen of the planet due to the COVID 19 pandemic and continuing lockdowns and social-distancing measures. As a director, whose passion project The Cuban was set to premiere “normally” this summer, this has been a jarring moment in time. I, like many, have gone through the various stages of grief in this…

Sergio Navarretta

Award-winning internationally recognized director that explores the human condition in my work. Passionate about revitalizing the film industry during COVID19

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