and the moments where a whole country holds their breath.

Yea, World cup is here. Not only is it here, it is almost gone again. Like every four years it’s bringing conversations into a same subject as the world becomes one big stadium. Every four years it gives people the opportunity to make new friends and sometimes new temporary enemies. Most importantly, every four years, it acts as a reminder that the most valuable things in life have little or nothing to do with anything material and everything to do with feelings of love and people coming together to enjoy, for a change, that game called life.


P.S. Viva México

All Hallow’s Eve

Halloween or All Hallow’s Eve is a celebration that happens simultaneously in many countries all over the world. Before it became a pumpkin spice — orange candy — witches — vampires — barely dressed nurse — no clothed fireman night, it was actually an amazing holiday. It was about the culmination of life and new beginnings.

If we go back to a time of paganism and pre-Catholic tradition, it was a time of celebrating the harvest. The date marked the beginning of the darker part of the year and the opening of doorways to the “other side,”…

It’s days like this that made me wonder what ever happened to will. Not Will the dude but will as in “The will to do anything.” I used to have a lot of that. If you look at the picture above there is nothing but will in my eyes. I won’t take a picture for you to look at my tired eyes, I don’t have the will to do it. I’ll just sit here and remember better days…days like those.

I must say my brother looks a bit dizzy in the picture…

P.S. I need a drink

Do not forget

1- Non-Whiskey Flask

Everyone else will bring Whiskey so be creative and bring another choice of ingredient for the flavored snowball. My choice this year…Fireball.

2- Tums & Friends

Enough said

3- Bend your knees and let it happen

If you’re like me and only snowboard once or twice a year it’s easy to forget to keep your point of gravity low. Sure, it will take your body two or three days to remember, but if you remember before you body does it will save you a few unnecesary trophy bruises.

4- Ibuprofen & Naproxen

These go together like rum…

…Yes I Still Owe You a Story 

One day I started telling myself I had a bad memory. I’ve said it so many times I think it became true….

I do remember, however, a time when learning songs and lyrics was easy. It was an everyday thing, and back then, learning something new did not mean forgetting something else.

You might be thinking that “back then” is a long time ago. The truth is “back then” is yesterday and…

What was I writing about?


That number is not my post number, although it should be close to that. That number is as of today, my age.

Happy Birthday to me

and other questions you were not asking me. 

My writing as you can see it’s not going really well, however my foot is feeling better, work is great and my girlfriend thinks our relationship is better than ever…and that is always a good thing.


From Santa Monica to Hollywood…and back.

So apparently the every day writing on Medium might be a little bit harder than I thought. In my defense I did a lot of writing yesterday, just not here. Wait till the remodeling is over and I have a wall on my back. then, perhaps I can tell you all about The Rastabus and how I asked Flo, from the progressive commercials, to take a picture of me and her parents.


2014 And the goal to write every day.

I am 22 days late. If I was a woman this would have a complete different meaning. I am 22 days late with my commitment to write something, anything, everyday of 2014. In a way I am glad I am. I do not belong to that statistic of people starting resolutions on Jan 1st and quitting after just a couple of weeks. Besides this is not a resolution. It is something I need to do to clear my head and at the same time write better. I tought of doing this anonymously but I’m braver than that, and i really…

Sergio O'Farrill

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