In late 2017 crypto markets were reaching all time highs and many envisioned crypto as the new gold. Now, in late 2018, those markets have reached year long lows and the same ones forecast the demise of crypto.

Over the past year, I’ve done more than 100 interviews for Blockchain related Tech Teams

Blockchain has recently gone through the top of its hype cycle so far. Everyone from small startups to large corporations wants to build Blockchain products and dip their toes into the space. One key question though: Who is going to develop all that software?

TechHQ’s office in Lisbon

As the old adage says “There are no old roads to new directions”. The tech world is changing fast, and the talent pool seems smaller than ever. What used to work yesterday might need to be reinvented tomorrow.

63 teams. 600+ developers, designers, architects, product and business people from 22 countries. DutchChain organized the largest Blockchain Hackathon ever in Groningen, Netherlands last week. This was sort of the Olympics of Blockchain, and I was there to learn a few things.

CTOs should lead the tech hype cycle, not just follow the buzzword bingo

A decade ago it was Mobile. Then it was Big Data. Nowadays Blockchain is emerging as the new buzzword everyone talks about. This cacophonic hype cycle will never end.

Tech innovation is a marathon, not a sprint

Innovation is a key to success in the business world. From tiny startups to large corporations, everybody is trying to innovate. But are they doing it right?

On Trust Paradigms, Business Models and Innovation

Trust has meant different things for different generations. This fast changing perception of trust creates serious challenges to the status quo, and at the same time massive opportunity for disruptive value propositions.

Sergio Pereira

Entrepreneur | CTO | Blockchain and Tech Consultant | Keynote Speaker

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