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I’m a Juve fan and the fact that people are JUST realizing that Dybala is a star is proof of the huge Premier, La Liga bias that exists in the media that covers soccer. (Not totally their fault since both La Liga and the Premier League have made a concerned effort to appeal to international audiences but still)

While I absolutely loved the game, and was not precisely expecting a 3–0 win, most Juve fans were not surprised to beat Barcelona. This Juve team might be the best team we’ve had since we came up to Serie A again (Yes, I’m including the 2015 team that made the final) and Barcelona for all their talent upfront are terrible in defense.

I understand Barcelona fans thinking they still have a shot due to recent history but this Juve squad is battle tested and will not wilt the same way PSG did. Hopefully this result finally wakes people up regarding Serie A. Juve is right up there in the Top 4 best teams in the world and there are some very fun teams to watch locally like Napoli and Torino who I really like watching.

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