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I’m biased because I’m a Broncos fan, but I agree with most of the stuff Kevin says.

Then again it’s very hard to say whether or not a hit is intentional, like he mentions a QB like Newton moves around and docks and jukes, its very unpredictable and very hard to make a tackle on a guy like that.

I would say that Denver probably should have been flagged twice, the hit that got the roughing the passer penalty at the end, and the spear hit by Brandon Marshall, but the other ones seemed like circumstantial hits, even Cam said he didn’t think they were targeting him, it’s such a fast game that it’s impossible to predict how a tackle might go.

Plus I can already see the absolute sh*t show of takes that we are going to have the moment a circumstantial hit on a key game results in an ejection of a star player, it’s super hard to regulate and I can’t blame the NFL for not having any idea what to do in order to make the game safer and fair to everyone involved.

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