Create a Laravel Adminlte panel in less than 5 minutes…

Hi I’m Sergi Tur Badenas creator of adminlte-laravel package and I will explain you how to create a Laravel Admin panel in less than no time!

We’ll use the famous bootstrap template AdminLTE from almsaeedstudio so you can scaffold your app and avoid rewriting again and again the tipical boilerplate code needed in almost 90% of web apps.

Let’s start using composer to install global adminlte installer:

composer global require "acacha/adminlte-laravel-installer=~3.0"

Now you can scaffold any Laravel project with:

laravel new myAwesomeProject && myAwesomeProject
adminlte-laravel install

and yeeeaaaah! you have now and Adminlte Laravel project with authentication, AdminLTE panel and Landing Page like the one you can see at

You can use Laravel Valet or Homestead to see your project but I recommend you to try acacha/llum and start your development server/enviroment with:

llum boot

I recommend you to check also the additional packages features/cli commands as:

Thanks folks that’s all! More info about the project at Github where if you want you can give us and star ;-)

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