Must See JavaScript Dev Tools That Put Other Dev Tools to Shame
Eric Elliott

As IDE I use NetBeans after trying Eclipse, Aptana, Sublime 2, Atom, Microsoft Visual Studio, WebStorm and others. NetBeans has now a light version for HTML/JS and also a plugin for Chrome to sync your HTML/JS/CSS code from DevTools to Netbeans IDE(and viceversa, instant page reloading on file modification detection). As debugger I have used Firebug for a very long time, until they break it and had a lot of unresolved bugs and became very unstable. Then I switched to ChromeDev tools. But what I have missed from Firebug was the way it presented the AJAX calls, providing the ability to inspect multiple requests at once, in same window. So I created my on Chrome Dev extension and you can see it here:
Any feedback would be nice.
Thanks for the other tools list.