Why UBEX will revolutionize the Advertising Market?

Why UBEX, a Decentralized Advertising exchange, will revolutionize the Advertising Market:

  • 91% of people consider ads are more intrusive today than two years ago (Hubspot, 2016) and this statistic is confirmed by the 40% Marketers that are saying their biggest challenge is to prove the marketing ROI.
  • A recent Adobe study found out 28% of website traffic showed strong “non-human signals” suggesting that it was the product of bots or click farms.
  • Adding to this the opaque counter party relationship and the low ads efficiency due to low targeting options.

With all these issues the digital advertising industry reached $229 billion in 2017 and continues to increase surpassing the TV ad market.


Ubex plans to solve many of the digital marketing problems by combining all the advantages of blockchain smart contracts with programmatic advertising and neural networks to create a global ecosystem with a high level of trust and efficiency.

How this will happen:

The neural networks will be filled with consumer data and its digital behaviour in order to show the right messages at the right time. This will increase the ads response and will also lead to more conversions.

The Smart Contracts will have the role of automating and placing the ads in order to remove the intermediaries and third parties. This way, Ubex will improve the relations directly from advertisers and publishers, and with a rating system everybody will get a clear and trustworthy deal.

If you want to get involved and help Ubex revolutionize the online advertising market you can buy Ubex tokens in the ICO that is LIVE for a limited time only.

The token sale will will be available until August 13 or until the hard cap of 24,000 ETH is reached, whichever happens first. The soft cap of 4,000 ETH was reached within one day during the token sale, which indicates a great interest for this project.