How I broke Envato Search field

Oct 7, 2017 · 1 min read


Envato devs didn’t develop a strong firewall to avoid any XSS Attack, I noticed that I could perform a XSS Injection. I have contacted Envato and after some investigations, they have discovered that my vulnerabilities were critical! They fixed them within 5 business day. Good Job Envato Team!

How everything started

First of all, I am an Envato Author, I have been selling my items since August. Envato has at the moment over 1 million customers and a 41 million products sold. I am a web developer and a security researcher. I think security must be a priority for a company like Envato.

I started, out of curiosity to “break” it in order to find some vulnerabilities. Of course, before “hacking” , I have read the Bug Bounty program on Envato. It’s a must for every security researcher … [..]

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