Top 7 reasons why Laravel is better for businesses than other PHP frameworks

Serhii Matrunchyk
3 min readFeb 5, 2018

Laravel has become a very popular framework among software developers who design custom solutions for various businesses industries. Many IT professionals appreciate its robust features, simple and secure authentication mechanism, elegant syntax pattern, well-thought homestead, and affordable price. As of today, there are 14 versions of Laravel available. The latest one, 5.5 version, was released in August 2017. With every new version, the developers get new features which make their tasks easier. Also, the framework gets more secure, and data migration process becomes faster.

Let’s have a closer look at some Laravel advantages that make this framework an optimal choice for designing premium business software.

# 1 Secure authorization and authentication systems

Implementing authentication is very simple with Laravel because almost everything is modified out-of-the-box. The framework provides an easy way to organize authorization logic and control access to all resources. Thus, a web application owner can be sure that access to secured resources won’t be granted to unauthorized users.

# 2 Completely customizable

Another great characteristic of Laravel is that it allows extensive customization. This technology has everything needed to turn any business idea into a successful and powerful tool. Although Laravel comes with pre-designed packages, they all can be customized to suit your specific business needs. Since developers can control the way the things are structured, you can always expect great results with Laravel framework. If you need to integrate third parties in your application, it can also be easily done.

# 3 Integration with mail services.

Nowadays, it’s hard to imagine any successful business without having a reliable communication system which keeps everyone updated. Laravel allows creating a local or cloud-based mailing service and sending notifications through various delivery channels including Slack and SMS (via Nexmo).

# 4 Clean documentation and Model View Controller (MVC) support

The Laravel documentation is clean, understandable, and well-organized. Since it is compatible with MVC architecture, developers get a variety of built-in functions allowing to create applications of all sizes and complexity.

# 5 Fast development time

Laravel has a fast development cycle. Developers won’t need to spend much time on creating deeply customized solutions for entrepreneurs. This has become possible owing to a considerable set of helpers and libraries that Laravel comes with. Impressive feature-rich solutions providing excellent user-experience can be completed with little efforts in shorter time spans. Thus, entrepreneurs will be able to enjoy revenue streams sooner.

# 6 Expandable requirements for future

Many entrepreneurs who have long-term vision choose Laravel as it makes expansion easy and smooth. Laravel is a flexible framework, and it adapts to changes very well. No need to worry about changes on the market or a shift in the consumer’s demands. A Laravel professional will be able to adjust an application to your current situation.

# 7 Cost-effective

Most likely, there is no entrepreneur who would like to spend a fortune on technology, and no one wants to go beyond his/her budget. Since Laravel uses already available modules and has easy scalability and customization, your investments will always pay off. Moreover, if you hire a Laravel developer on an hourly basis, you are likely to spend less as compared to a developer who uses other technologies.

Laravel is an excellent framework for developing secure, scalable and maintainable applications. Digital IDEA Studio uses it for designing tech solutions of various complexity. If you have a new project in mind and look for a cost-effective solution, our Laravel experts are ready to help. Contact us if you need to upgrade, support and maintain your web application, or develop a new one.



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