How to change your Android emojis to iOS (9.3) style. Guide for Android 4.4.4 (Kitkat).

First off all read this thread.

If you afraid to do something wrong, and just bored from stock google emojis, follow this guide. Notice: this way doesn’t add to your stock keyboard new unicode emojis.

  1. You need root.
  2. Download this font.
  3. Extract and copy NotoColorEmoji.ttf font to “/root/system/fonts/”, and set permission 644 (rw-r — r — ) and owner:group root:root. (You can use MiXplorer).

4. Reboot and check this page after.

5. Good job! Now you have cool emojis from iOS.

As you can see on screenshots below, it’s just only replaces old android style emojis from iOS, for all full new emojis you need to install new patched android keyboard, etc. Full guide here.

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