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Welcome to the 3rd article which is the final article of Demystifying Hyperledger Fabric series. In the 1st article, the underlying architecture of Hyperledger Fabric has been explained. The 2nd article describes one of the important features of the Fabric called private data collection.

I would like to dedicate this article to discuss some of the facilitating supplementary services in Hyperledger Fabric including the following topics: Network Traffic Handling, Service Discovery, and Operations Service.

The remaining of this article is organized as follows:


Originally published at www.serial-coder.com.

Welcome to the 2nd article of Demystifying Hyperledger Fabric series. This article assumes that the reader has knowledge about Hyperledger Fabric architecture already. In case you have come across this article, I recommend you to check out the previous article first.

In the previous article, you have learned the essential architecture of Hyperledger Fabric. In this article, you will learn another key feature of the Fabric called Private Data Collection.

Prior to Fabric version 1.2, when a group of organizations needs to keep data private from other organizations joining the same channel, that subset of organizations…


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When it comes to the private blockchain, Hyperledger Fabric might be one of the most popular and adopted blockchain frameworks. Hyperledger Fabric has been adopted in several industry use cases such as education, healthcare, IoT, logistics, supply chain, and etc. Recently, NASA has published a proposal for air traffic management blockchain for security, authentication, and privacy based on Hyperledger Fabric.

In order to support massive adoptions in the future, Hyperledger Fabric has just launched the new version 1.4 which is its first long-term support release. This version mainly focuses on stability and production operations. …

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Synopsis on Katinrun Platform

Katinrun is the first open source blockchain community in Thailand. We are developing an Ethereum-based donation platform where a donee who needs some support and a donor who wants to give support can meet together. We are aiming at creating a donation platform that provides transparency and accountability to every donation campaign. The platform we are creating, moreover, must be fully driven by an open community.

There are four types of participants in Katinrun platform: donor, donee, runner and contributor. A donee raises a supporting campaign by…

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Recently, I got an opportunity to be one of staff members who organized the event called Pizza Hackathon. Pizza Hackathon was the 1st blockchain hackathon event in Thailand which was held on 25–26 August 2018. The objective of this event was to educate blockchain technologies as well as building up thai blockchain developers. The event consisted of education and project hacking sessions in which all participating developers had freedom to develop any project based on any blockchain technologies. There was eventually the project competition among teams of developers at the end of…

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