Do Startups Have a Drinking Problem?
Sarah Jane Coffey

I wonder how much of this drinking is frat culture carried over. The tech industry is characterized by youth, college culture and men with appetites for risk taking.

Add long hours, invincibility fueled by VC money and intense highs/lows, it’s unsurprising. In fact, I imagine that there’s a bunch of other substances involved, just not mentioned.

At Kip, we’re all about caffeine (club mate, coffee, redbull etc) but not beer. It boils down to who’s in your team. Your first few hires will be people like yourself, and if you are a drinker you’ll hire people who drink. Company culture is an echo chamber to the type of people you hire, so if there’s a beer keg in a room it’s a manifestation of who you are as a team.

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