Energy is the lifeblood of our entire economy. The diagram below is a visual representation of how approximately 100 quads (or 100 quadrillion BTUs) of energy flows throughout the US every year. We transform petroleum, natural gas, coal, nuclear and renewables (on the left) to power nearly everything, including our homes, cars, farms and more (on the right).

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Source: The Other Lab, US Energy Flow Super Sankey (also see:

Renewable energy β€” or energy from naturally replenishing resources β€” includes solar, wind, geothermal, hydroelectric and biomass. For the first time ever in April 2019, renewables collectively surpassed coal in US power generation, reaching 23% over coal’s 20%. …

Increasing sustainability through reducing food waste

Let this fact sink in β€” at least one third of the food produced by humanity is never eaten. We waste even more food in the United States β€” up to 40% of food is lost at some point in the supply chain. The resources expended to produce wasted food is staggering. According to Imperfect Foods cofounder & CEO Ben Simon, growing food that goes to waste ends up using up to 21% of our freshwater, 19% of our fertilizer, 18% of our cropland, and 21% of our landfill volume. As you might imagine, the carbon footprint that results from food waste is significant. …

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As investors, we go to a large number of events, too many events probably. They’re great but by the 7th happy hour of the month most of us tend to get a little burnt out. This past month a group of four of us got together (Jess from Better Ventures, Priscilla from True Ventures, Shawn from Floodgate, and Stephen from Spero VC) and decided we were going to throw a different type of event that breaks from the typical VC get-togethers. We curated a group of investors, across firms, stages, industries, and geographies deeply invested in the climate crisis either personally or professionally. What we didn’t expect was the level of energy around the breakfast table. …


Series Green πŸŒŽπŸ’š

A collective of next-gen’ VCs seeking opportunities in climate tech for a sustainable future.

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