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Admittedly, I spent most of this month playing Overwatch and escaping reality. Speaking of which, I read Frank Guan’s highly relevant Vulture piece on video games today.


bold = highly recommend

  • Invisible Cities, Ken Liu et al.
  • Thoughts on Design, Paul Rand
  • Prince of Cats, Ron Wimberly
  • Doctor Fate, Volume…

In my effort to try harder and also because I like making lists, I’m chronicling the things I read each month that I’m still thinking about by the end of it.

I’m keeping commentary sparse because I think most of these things don’t need more opinions, and I don’t want…

These are all the books I read in 2016:

These are all the books I read in 2016 written by women, POC, and/or non-Americans:

If you’ve ever had to export SVGs for Android, you might have run into a problem with shape fills not appearing as you’d want them to when placed.

Magnifying glass or frying pan?

This is because Android supports Non-Zero fills and not Even-Odd fills in SVG assets. Making the change in Sketch is easy (see…


Designer in SF at Twilio

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