Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most frequently asked questions we had since the launch of SERIST on iOS. This document will be updated when needed to reflect the latest developments.

I don’t see my tv shows. Aren’t you supposed to sync with trakt?

When you connect to trakt, your shows won’t appear automatically because we prefer to ask you to follow the shows you really want to follow instead of asking you to “archive” or “hide” a bunch of show you watched once but don’t want to follow closely.
The app is built around two main things: letting you know what you need to watch and notify you when a new episode airs. If we did this for each and every show — even the one for which you only watched the pilot — it would require you to do the manual work to remove them.
We prefer to take it the other way around because we feel a manual action should be done to tell us what your favorite shows are.

Hey, so, I logged in with trakt and it pulls the shows I’m following but isn’t pulling the data in the episodes I’ve watched. Any thoughts?

When we are synching data with your trakt account, we pull all the shows in your Following list and ask to get your full watch history. On one hand, the list sync is pretty fast and easy. On the other hand, the watch history sync can take a long time depending on the size of it.

The things that can influence the watch history sync are:

  • the quality of your internet connection (bad means slower sync)
  • the responsiveness of trakt servers (less means slower sync)
  • the size of your watch history (more means slower sync)

If you have a huge watch history, we recommend you to be really patient and try to let the app finish a full sync.

We are (and will) always try to improve the sync speed. If the sync doesn’t occur do not hesitate to contact us.

The episodes’ names are missing. WTF?

We wanted to launch a spoiler free version of SERIST. We are working on a way to show you more information if wanted.

For the moment, we are only showing episodes title for the episodes you’ve watched. This will remain the default option going forward.

Hello. I noticed a mistake in [some data] for [name of a show]. Can you update the data?

We are not in charge of maintaining the data. If you find a discrepancy in the data displayed in SERIST, please refer to trakt FAQ to see how this data can be updated. Depending on the information that needs updating, you may have to update that info on tmdb or tvdb.

The app crashes when I launch it. Could you please fix it?

Please try to restart your device first.

If you are connected to trakt, you can also re-install the app. Just make sure all your data are synchronized with trakt before deleting the app. Note that your settings will be lost.

If none of the above works, please contact us.

Is there anyway to check off an entire season without doing each episode individually?

More or less. You can catch up easily by tapping the latest episode you’ve watched. You’ll be given the option to mark the episode as watch including the previous episodes you didn’t mark as watched. For the moment, you cannot mark a specific season as watched without marking the other previous episodes as watched too.

Is your app working for the UK based viewers?

SERIST is designed to work in every country. Note that the airdate we have for a show is usually the first airdate in the country of origin of the show. But we’ll do everything we can to give you a meaningful information thus showing you the airdate in your timezone and not in the show timezone.

Notifications are not working right away. Why do I need to wait 1 day before receiving the first notification?

Push notifications and email notifications are pre-processed. This means we need a little time before we can send the first ones. This also means that we’ll need some time — usually 24 hours maximum — to catch up on a change you made to your following list or timezone.

We are (and will) always be improving notifications.

What is the central button on the tab bar

It’s a placeholder for the check-in feature. If you are not watching anything right via a trakt check-in or if you are not connected to trakt it is useless. We are thinking about ways to do this better but for the moment, we think it is a nice reminder that the feature exists.

I’m trying to log in to trakt with another trakt account but it’s not working. Can you advise?

There may be some cookies or other session related stuff stored in your browser when we show you the trakt login page. To avoid this automatic behavior, you can try two things:

  • first, try to log out from trakt on Safari before trying to log out and in again with SERIST
  • if it doesn’t work, try to switch Safari to “Private Mode” before trying to log out and in again with SERIST

If none of the above works, please contact us. We’ll try to help you solve this any way we can.

Why do I need to follow @seristapp on trakt?

We need to create a friendship with you to be able to retrieve some information from your trakt account before we send you email and/or push notifications.

Will there be an Android app?


What about a Windows Phone version of this awesome app?

We are still thinking about it…

I’m not sure how to watch the shows I follow. How can I watch my shows?

SERIST cannot be used to watch TV Shows. It is “just” a tracker.

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