SERIST 1.6 — Apple Watch, Calendar, Redesigned User Screen, Episode Info and much more…

In this version: we worked on an Apple Watch Extension for your To Watch list. We also worked on a calendar view giving you a clear view of the time you’ll spend on tv. And we now have 4 specific sections under your profile picture to make each feature clear.

⌚️ Apple Watch

Your to watch shows are now always on your wrist. Raise your hand, select an episode and check it in.

📅 Calendar

The brand new calendar will let you check past and upcoming episodes. Plan your week and master your time on tv.

💄 Redesigned User Screen

The user screen is now split into 4 sections: Profile, Calendar, History and Settings. Divide and rule.

📇 Episode Info

• You can now check the exact runtime of each episode.
• Absolute episode numbers are now displayed for anime shows.

🐞 Bug Fixes

We’ve fixed some minor bugs and crashes. We’ve also fixed some UI glitches.

🚀 Performance Improvements

Same old, same old.

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Profile (left) Calendar (right)
History (left) Settings (right)