SERIST 1.7 — Browse, Discover, Actor Details and a lot of improvements

Today’s release includes a lot of new features. SERIST will now help you discover and browse new shows. Your Watchlist and Seen list are now available directly from the main screen. A new Actor Detail view is available with a LOT of info. And we also added a way to mark an episode as watched on a specific date and time.

🔎 Revamped Browse

  • Easily discover Trending, Popular and Anticipated TV Shows.
  • Shows can now also be searched by genre.
  • Last but not least, get access to exclusive and always up-to-date lists that will help you find new shows.

👱 Actor Details

You’ve seen this actor somewhere but don’t remember where? Actor details are now available, along with TV Show and Movie credits.

📅 Watched On…

Mark as watched on a custom date. Available for episodes and seasons.

🔽 Your Shows

Your watchlist and watched shows have been moved in Your Shows tab. It’s now easier to retrieve shows you’re interested in.

⌚️ Complications

Raise your arm and see what’s coming or what you are currently watching.

🌐 Episode Translations

Episode details are now translated on demand, when available.

💄 UI & UX Refinements

Some User Interface glitches have been fixed and the overall User Experience has been improved. Because God is in the details.

🚀 Performance Improvements

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger.

🐞 Bug Fixes

Some minor bugs and crashes have been fixed.

Download or Update on The App Store.

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