SERIST for Android 1.1 — Light Theme, Notifications, Onboarding and Settings

If the Night Theme is too dark for you, you can now change to the Day Theme. We will now notify you for everything you should be aware of. Never miss an episode again!

💡 Day Theme

You can now switch between Night and Day Theme. You can also choose the Auto mode.

🔔 Notifications

You will now receive Notifications when new episodes air. You will also receive reminders the day after. A notification will be sent before a season or a series premiere.

✈️ Onboarding

Having a hard time setting SERIST up? Launch the Onboarding, we will help you the best we can.

⚙ Settings

Control Notifications and Theme from the new Settings panel. More of them are coming soon.

🐞 And much more…

Bug fixes, performance improvements and UI tweaking.

Download on the Play Store

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