SERIST for Android 1.2 — Sort options, Fast scroll, Email notifications, Swipe actions and Onboarding

This version introduces Sort Options so you can get what you want in an instant. We also added a way to Fast Scroll through the list of episodes. Register for email notifications, we will send you a mail with your upcoming shows. Swipe left on an episode to perform a quick action. And last but not least, we added an Onboarding to set new users up faster.

🎱 Sort options

Sort your Following and To Watch shows. Including automagic sorting.

🚀 Fast scroll

Scroll through all episodes in the list faster.

✉️ Email notifications

Get notified by mail (daily or weekly) about upcoming shows. Configure this in settings.

⬅️ Swipe actions

Swipe left to checkin from the To Watch. Swipe left to make an action on an episode.

⚓️ Onboarding

New onboarding to set you up faster and easier.

🐞 Bugs Squashing

More bug fixes, performance improvements and UI tweaking.

Download on the Play Store

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