My gift to the World

52 cards you can use, rewrite and contribute

Giving something…

This year I wanted to offer a gift to all my friends, family, colleagues, people I know, people I’m inspired by and also to everyone I could reach. But what could that be? What could help everyone smile? I started thinking and had this crazy idea. I’m not going to get technical about how my work and my passions lead me to this, I will just show and explain what is it.

52 cards for you to give, offer, edit, share, use

This gift is free and can be edited and used by anyone that wants to. All images and source files can be used and edited.

You can check all the images and download them at

If you prefer using dropbox, here is the public repository

So what is this?

I created 52 cards. Each card has an image, a title, a sentence, and three hashtags. Each card represents a feeling, a moment, something you want to do or say, something you need, something that is very important for you to do or say.

Card Number 4

Why 52?

A dice of cards has 52, looked like a good number.

How do I use them?

You just give them to someone. Print it if you want (PDF version) and write something in the back. Just send the image by email or social networks.

Can I use them more than once?

Yes, of course. You have unlimited access to them.

Card Number 24

Can I do a different card?

Yes, source files are available, if you don’t know how to use Photoshop, ask a friend or even ask me, I will help you for sure.

Why hashtags and why three of them?

I love hashtags, and I thought : “If in three hashtags you can’t represent a feeling or a moment, it’s because it’s not important”. So this had to be about something always important.

Card Number 42

How did you do them?

First, the sentences then prepared the first card and then just wrote the rest of the sentences. The hardest part was getting the perfect images, for each card.

How long it took?

Around 24 hours of work spread for five days.

All cards are free and you can use them everyday, create you own cards, I would love you to use at least one of the cards next year.

Here are all the images from the cards

What’s next?

For now making everything available to the world. I will also give it the try of printing some and sending them to friends and family. Creating more cards and different versions for the future or even a system to generate them online.

Want to help?

The project is on Github allowing you to do whatever you want with it, also it’s available on my dropbox for just pure download of the images or PDF. You can also help writing more sentences on the spreadsheet (also public to use), or just help by giving a card of this one to someone else. Don’t need to add any reference, just use them.

Thanks to:

This amazing post of stock images:



Google Spreadsheet to contribute if you want to

Github Project

Dropbox Public Folder

Download the Images

All images available here

Download the PDF Version

All the PDF version ready to print

Page to view all the images

It’s currently on my personal website

I leave you with card 33 and hope you also challenge yourself