Four insights: New pathways to progress in farm animal feeds

What is the future of farm animal feeds?

The buzzwords and trends making news today provide crystal ball: Natural. More efficient. Bio-based. Simple to use. Optimizing performance, health and welfare.

The team at Country Junction Feeds, based in Wetaskiwin, Alberta, is among those leading the charge for progress and fresh options in all of these areas and more.

Here are four key insights from the Country Junction Feeds crystall ball:

  1. Picking up the pace

Advances in feed and nutrition approaches have always moved at a steady rate, but today both the pace of innovation and the interest in this area is spiking much higher than ever before, says Darrell Kimmel, manager of Country Junction Feeds.

2. More choice to fit farm, market needs

“The bottom line for farmers and ranchers in more choice, better options and more opportunities to get more value out of feed to greatly strenthen their results,” says Kimmel.

3. Out with the old . . . in with the new

Agriculture industry use of inputs such as antimicrobials for purely production benefits quickly phasing out. More focus is being placed on nutritonal strategies and natural bio-based inputs as the major pathways of opportunity to optimize health and productivity, says Bernie Grumpelt, nutritionist for Country Junction Feeds.

“There’s a lot more focus on high quality diets, top quality feed and the use of improved nutrition strategies and supplements to get the most feed value and benefits possible, while reducing waste and environmental impact,” says Grumplelt. “Whether the priority is animal health, productivity, efficiency or animal care, the future is all about a much stronger focus on feed.”

4. Rising opportunities with feed-based approaches

Feed has always been a pivotal factor because it represents the number one cost of raising and caring for farm animals, says David Gibson, Canadian sales manager with Country Junction Feeds. It is also arguably the number one factor affecting animal performance. But today the power of feed-based improvement has never been greater.

“As a farmer or rancher, taking a closer look at your feed and nutrition approaches for your animals is one of the simplest and most effective things you can do to make quick, big improvements,” says Gibson. “Feed impacts everything. Today we have more knowledge and options to maximize the benefits.”

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