When they grow up without you

Dear bestfriends

You have probably noticed that I’ve canceled alot of our plans, hanging out with others and been doing stupid stuff (like all teenagers do).

It’s just that…you two are growing up, becoming adults. And that’s good. But you can’t drag me up to the adulthood with you because I’m not ready. You guys turned 18 in the beginning of this year and you’ve had your fun. But I am not 18 untill decemeber, and I haven’t had my fun crazy life yet.

Also, you guys have strong relationships, cars, appartments, jobs, and you travel the world with your partners. And then there is me, flirting with 3 guys at the same time, I am still too scared too drive, I cant even afford an appartment(even though I have two jobs) and I have no one to travel with. I also use a fake ID to get into the clubs, and I am becomming friends with people at the football stadium, with people you find weird and fanatic.

But you know what? I like to flirt with guys because I am not in a relationship, and I like to see my options before I go all in. I have plenty of time too get my drivers-licence. And what is the rush with moving out? And dont judge me when I use my fake Id, I love the fact that I dare to do have fun(even though I shouldn’t). And when it comes to traveling alone, It has actually made me quite indipendent. And the people at the stadium turns out too be so cool because they care as much as I care. I can sing and cheer for my team without people staring at me thinking I’m crazy.

So dear bestfriends, good luck with your life. It gives me joy to see that you are becoming succsessfull. And I wish you the best of luck. But I can’t watch you living happily ever after while I am stuck figuring out what to make for breakfast. Do not worry about me, I have found my people who are at the same place as me.

Love you