“what does it mean for a teenager to be literate?” What do you suppose the average answer might be? I would venture to say that the majority, if not all of the people interviewed would say something along the lines of “a literate teenager is a teenager who has the ability to read and write.” I would venture even further and say that the mental images that would arise in most people’s minds upon hearing the question would be images of print text, written words on physical sheets of paper, and maybe even a school building.
What Does It Mean For An Adolescent To Be Literate These Days?
Amber Govero

I love the way that you started. You started with the everyday definition of literacy that I, if not all of us, thought literacy was at the beginning of this class. I also loved the image that you brought to mind. You did a fantastic job of transforming the definition into a more complex skill. Questioning wether literacy is dynamic is a great perspective to take on the concept as well.

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