Aim High,Dream Big….

I start the day with a heavy heart. I don’t know the reason why yet, I feel so tired and uneasy to wake up in bed. Maybe because of so much stress on my mind that my whole being is too exhausted to move. These past few days, I’ve bee in the state of anxiety. There are so much in my mind that I wanted to go through. Work. Family. Adventure. Love life (not really). But above them all, I’ve been thinking about my work. As I see and assess myself, I feel so stressed. Feel so uninterested in everything I do. Seems like I don’t care if I have so many unfinished and backlogs on my paper works. Seems like I don’t think of the next days of the week,but instead interested on the weekends. I wanted change,literally. I wanted to get out of this four corners and try to spread my wings for a greater horizon. I wanted to meet many and different people and share interest with them. I wanted to expose myself to greater opportunities that for quiet so long has been locked and sealed in a place that no one appreciates and notice your value. I wanted to go far away,so far away from this place and established a new me. I wanted to be somebody that can be look up to,and give those people a hint of interest about my life and on everything that I do. I wanted to be an inspiration for my younger nieces, nephews, that this life has so much to offer and don’t just try to diagnosed yourself in one environment. I wanted to be me. I wanted to be free.

Yes,this life is not as simple as walking on the park,sleeping on your room,or even eating on the plate with food already on it. Indeed, it’s not that easy. There’s a lot of circumstances that we’ll going to meet along, and trying to figure out those reasons of encounter. There will going to be tough times, and lots of unexpected solitude,but what matters is how you learn to overcome all of it. There will going to be people who will try to pull you down and will not believe on you,but just always remember on how you believe yourself.

Eventually, if you realized that you’ve get through all of those dramas in life,then that’s the time you will affirm that you indeed is one of a kind. So, just continue chasing pavements even if it leads nowhere. Always believe on the power of your dreams, and follow the desires of your heart.

-grace :)

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