An ODE to Robert Grant #8

Robert Grant

I mentioned before that I found Robert Grant through Michele Turner, who had done the design work for his website — which is all about the HIV prevention pill and Bob’s involvement with its development.

This week marked the one year anniversary of Michele’s death, so I think it’s fitting, this ODE, now. I didn’t plan it this way but as I’ve learned, timing, when I leave it to the universe to manage, is almost always perfect.

Both Bob and Michele have saved lives. Though Michele wasn’t a medical doctor per se. She was sort of a secret, invisible doctor of the soul. And I know, this isn’t her ODE, it’s Bob’s, but in a way it belongs to her too. So I’m dedicating it to her.

I’m going to let Bob’s ODE tell his story, as it’s meant to. His words matter, not mine. It is my hope that after reading Bob’s ODEs, any one of the ten, or all of them, you’ll come to find him as interesting and meaningful as I have. In this way, and many others, Michele lives on. Because for those of us who knew her, she’s in our blood now like a balm.