ODE is the prism, You are the light.

A human is not simply a resource. There is a person behind every one of your personnel.

We have passions, we have strong opinions, and we have deep beliefs.

We have education, and accolades and advanced degrees, but it’s our wisdom that matters most.

We are smart, but it’s our emotional intelligence that plays the most important role -in management, in building relationships, and in fostering mindfulness in every interaction.

It is becoming clear that the time of taking, the time of winning, the time of only-the-strong-survive is waning. The time of giving has dawned. It is the time of listening, the time of seeing, and the time of love.

And every one of us is part of that. Every one of us has something valuable to offer. Our stories matter because people matter. When we are given an opportunity to see each other, just a little more deeply, it breaks down the walls of us and them and opens the door to possibilities.

When we experience each other’s stories, we see beyond numbers, beyond words, beyond gender and skin. We see people, who are nuanced but not complex. We see not adversaries, or competition, or others. We see potential partners and potential friends.

An ODE is a prism that reveals the glorious spectrum of you. It is an authentic portrait of the human in front of the resource.

An ODE is a catalyst — for interaction, relationship-building, and the humanization of a brand.

An ODE is a business card turned up to 11.

An ODE is a tribute to the person part of personnel. Today ODE pays tribute to Albert Angelo, a health educator, lecturer and big-hearted human being. We brought Albert to the beach in San Francisco to capture his ocean energy — powerful, strong, but nurturing and compassionate.

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