The Orchard Project #12: Symbols

December 2016 — Sebastopol, CA

The Orchard tells a story of transformation that transcends geology. Light, draped over this patch of land, speaks through form of something beyond it. Somehow, without word,s or other convenient handles, the orchard speaks.

For this, our final installment, Amy wore her wedding dress. This is significant because she’s not married anymore. And either am I. We are both of us divorced from that past.

We tether ourselves to each other with slips of metal, strips of fabric, and sheets of paper. But these are signs and symbols that are fragile and, ultimately, deciduous too. We are forever shedding our ceremonial skins.

And what’s beneath them? More layers. We’re nesting dolls of infinite depth. If we keep looking with our eyes there is no end.

So I’ve stopped looking. The camera is a crutch and so are these pictures.