The Orchard Project #4: Leaves

April 2016 — Sebastopol, CA

We are leaves. That’s it. It’s a perfect metaphor. We unfurl for a while to produce some ostensible magic. We glow in the sunlight and capture what we can. We feed off the fire of the stars. We curl in our autumns, we brown and then we fall.

There’s an exchange going on here. A triangulated transference. Amy, the tree, and myself. But it is she who stands before the camera, it is she who incurs the risk. I am however no mere ghost. I don’t show up as a reflection. I resonate like a magnetic field.

The orchard is greening and the trees are clad now in translucent slips of tissue infused with chlorophyll. The very idea of a leaf is staggering. How many thousands have appeared in this orchard alone? We are leaves. And you could, if you want to, call the tree God.