#1 Best GSA SER Verified Link List / Auto Approve (Updated Weekly)

GSA Search Engine Ranker is a powerful software that lets you post to several different types of websites on the Internet automatically. In order to use it effectively, you’re going to need a clean verified link list of target websites to post to.

After years of using GSA SER I developed my own system to scrape the Internet for these websites and compiled my own personal verified link list. Save time and money by using a verified link list instead of having to scrape your own and investing in different software and Google-passed proxies. Weekly updates add brand new verified targets and remove any dead targets.

AS A BONUS, I also include .edu and .gov websites where you can post to and place your own link!

In order to get a high success rate you will need GSA Captcha Breaker in order to solve captchas and dedicated or shared proxies.

After payment you will receive instructions on how to access your verified link list and sync it with GSA Search Engine Ranker.