Internet: Good or Bad?

What comes to your mind when you hear the word “internet”? Is it something makes you excited or it makes you lazy? Internet has a significant role in our society even in ourselves but not every time it gives us the good result. Here are some advantages and disadvantages that internet can gives us.

First, I would like to discuss the disadvantages and these are:

Children are getting addicted to online games and even using social media such as; facebook,instagram,youtube and etc. Instead of studying they skip doing their assignment and focus on the internet. Sometimes, rather than getting good information in the internet,they get bad ideas because there are parts on the internet that gives us bad information. There are a lot of people who is watching TV for an hour and they don’t know that it is bad for their eyes. There are people who’s knowledge are getting affected by the things they search in the internet. Sometimes when they use the internet they see bad things or ideas after,that other people do it and they don’t know that its bad. Social media’s sometimes gives us bad influence because of people posting bad examples. In addition, it became thier first priority rather than important stuffs like doing homeworks, projects ,and others.

Second, I am going to discuss already the advantages and these are:

They can communicate with others using the internet instead, of going to their houses or meeting-up with each other. But, it’s okay of meeting each other just for the conversation meaningful. We get information for our studies in other websites and they tell the truth and in other ways they don’t tell the truth. If sometimes people/students don’t have their books instead, they search or get information in the internet.