Facebook Can Shut Down Your Page Under Fake Claims And There Is Nothing You Can Do About It

Facebook is a monster and you can’t trust it — Credit: thehackednews.com

Yes! You read it right!

“Facebook’s Copyright Infringement Claims System” turned out to be dysfunctional.

Because of a six years old defect (At Least!) in “Facebook’s Copyright Infringement Claims System” anyone can take down any Facebook Page, including your Facebook Page.

Have you been investing in your or your company’s Facebook Page?

Well, after reading this you will stop doing it.

Because your investment is easily vulnerable. And there is nothing you can do about it.

Here is the story:

About a week ago Facebook punished one of the biggest engineering and science blogs on internet Interesting Engineering severly.

Interesting Engineering staff woke up with a message from Facebook says that they are not allowed to share any links, pictures or videos on their Facebook Page, which has over 6.5 million followers, for a month because of “Copyright Infringement”.

According to Interesting Engineering staff this was the second time they received “Copyright Infringement” reporting from Facebook in one week.

One month ban was a huge traffic and revenue loss for them. Like it would be huge loss for any other company with 6.5 million followers.

IE staff were shocked and followed the standard procedure such as filling forms and etc. in order to make counter claims and remove the ban on their page. And they didn’t stop there.

Interesting Engineering started digging the issue…

Interesting Engineering staff were contacting the companies that reported Interesting Engineering to Facebook for “Copyright Infringement” and caused the ban on their FB Page with 6.5 million followers.

Their willingness and curiosity brought out an amazing defect in Facebook’s copyright infringement claims system into daylight.

After contacting to companies, IE staff realized that none of these companies or their staff were involved in any copyright infringement reporting against Interesting Engineering or it’s Facebook Page.

It turned out that anybody, a third party, you or me, who wants to take down a Facebook Page, any Facebook Page, with a fake email address, fake name and fake company name can make a complaint to Facebook without having to validate the claim and, actually, can take down the page.

After the discovery;

Interesting Engineering sent e-mails to Facebook concerning the unhealthy and dysfunctional situation.

Also “accused complainers” filled forms stating that they made no such complaints and Facebook should remove the ban in order to help Interesting Engineering.

But there is more…

History proves that this was a six years old bug and Facebook did nothing about it

The worst part is it seems that this situation has been going on at least for five years. Huffington Post made a story about this “dysfunctional” situation in Facebook almost five years ago.

Facebook did nothing about this issue since 2011 and this “dysfunctional” situation has been damaging many Facebook Page and business owners since then.

In 2011 ARS Technica’s Facebook Page was taken down by fake claims.

Ken Fisher, editor in chief at ARS Technica, made a blog post about their situation.

Blog post got viral in a short time and their situation turned into a crisis among other tech blogs.

Lots of people got involved to help ARS Technica like Brad McCarty from the famous tech blog “TheNextWeb”.

And then Huff Post covered the story.

ARS Technica’s Post About Their Experience
Huff Post’s News on False Claims from 2011

You can find the details on the links below.


And here is how you can take down a Facebook Page without validating your claim:

This is where you fill a complaint with fake information, get Facebook’s help to punish pages and feel like a King or Queen!

Here is the URL of the image given above: https://www.facebook.com/help/contact/384675368268517

This gives anyone the super ability to shutter any page without proof and then opportunity to join The X-Men or The Avengers without any interview.

Wanna be a super hero? Just click the link given above and report any page you want…

The story gets way more funnier…

Guess what happens after you prove that claims are fake?

What can you do as a Facebook Page owner to protect your page and investment? Or remove the ban?

NOTHING actually.

And Facebook gives you no chance.

They can just ban your 6.5 million times liked page with no warning or investigation.

The companies that were claimed as “copyright infringement claimers” by Facebook said that they were feeling sorry and ready to do whatever Interesting Engineering needs in order to help the removal of ban on the IE Facebook Page.

And filled out forms saying that they made no complaints about Interesting Engineering or any content IE shared on their Facebook Page with appropriate texts and sent it to Facebook.


It has been over NINE days and nothing happened, nothing changed.

So even if you prove that the claims are fake and wrong by contacting the suggested complainers, making them fill the necessary forms, Facebook just don’t care about it and keep sending you the standard text and tell you that you have to wait until your ban expires.

UPDATE: Facebook decided to remove the ban on the page on 17th of May.

Facebook is gonna shoot you even if Young Metro trusts you!

Bullshit! Right?

Just like Ken Fisher from ARS Technica said five years ago “Facebook Shoots First, Ignores the Questions Later; Account Lock-Out Attack Works”.

Banning or closing an entire Facebook Page based on fake complaints by fake e-mails without validating or confirming it…

It’s a joke but it is not funny.

Facebook is now worth $344 Billion. It’s the largest social network ever created.

People, companies and organizations invest time and money into their Facebook Pages.

But should they?

Would you invest into a Facebook Page after reading this?

I won’t.

It seems like some things are harder than announcing a great Q1 2016 results that beats expectations of the Wall Street.

Like not fixing this ongoing defect that has been hurting Facebook Page owners in last six years, which was covered by Huffington Post and paralysed ARS Technica five years ago…

Facebook may face many questions from page owners. And they should…

UPDATE: Facebook decided to remove the ban on the page on 17th of May. IE Facebook Page is now open.

Help Interesting Engineering (and all other Facebook owners, such as yourself, who can face with this kind of situation anytime under fake claims), which brings engineers and science lovers together from all around the world, by sharing their story.

Here is a link where you can follow their up to date story:

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